The Burger is Crowning

So I know the the P in “PFB” stands for “PROVO,” butt I need to tell you the people about Crown Burgers in Salt Lake becuz it’s real good. But the reason I ate there is linked to Provo, so I’ll start there.

So since the Provo Temple is closed right now for maintenance and will be until August the tenth (it will also be closed from the end of November to the beginning of January, btw), I’m temple hopping. This year, I’ve visited Draper, Manti, Mt. Timp, and (now) Salt Lake (I realsy like the Draper and Manti temples, btw).

So I went to the Salt Lake Temple and it was GREAT.

I took a last-minute pic of the SLC Temple while driving away.
It’s not that clear, but neither are those pictures
the Hubble Telescope takes sometimes.

Anyway, I don’t know how you and yours do things, but me and mine have a tradition to eat at certain restaurants after visiting certain temples. When the fam and I go to the Medford Oregon Temple, we eat at Abby’s Pizza. When we go to the Sacramento Temple, we eat at some Mexican restaurant that’s past the railroad tracks, across the street and in a cul-de-sac type thing (or something). Well, everr time I go to the Salt Lake Temple, I’ve eaten at Crown Burgers, which is literally, like, down the street from the temple and conference center.

Eating at Crown Burgers is definitely an all-around fancypants experience. It’s like a cross between a fast food joint and Queen Lizzie’s living room. The front is all business: cashiers, grills, and the hustle/bustle of a fast food restaurant. Meanwhile, the back is decorated like an Edwardian hunting club: stuffed pheasants, fanzzy statues, deer etched into glass, and furniture upholstered with brass buttons. Swankytown here we come.

I want my living room to look like this.

The first time I ate at Crown Burgers was with my future bil Samwise Hoarder. He raved about Crown Burgers’ Crown Burger (the namesake of the restaurant): a cheeseburger with pastrami on it. Me, not being adventurous, was a bit hesitante about the pastrami, so I just played it safe with a normal cheeseburger last time.

THIS time, however, I decided to get more adventurous so that you the people could know whether or not Crown Burgers’ Crown Burger is any good.

Well, son, let me tell you: pastrami truly is the crown on the Crown Burger. Imagine a super great cheeseburger with crunchy/oniony onions, juicy tomatoes, crispee lettuce, gooey cheese, the perfect patty AND pastrami wedged between two buns. It’s a mouthful, but the pastrami reminded me of having a crap-ton of bacon on the burger. It wasn’t crunchy, but it wasn’t chewy either: it was easy to bite through and included all the meaty goodness of bacon in every bite. I’ve had pastrami at other places, butt the way this pastrami was cooked, seasoned, and delivered made me think hard about bacon and I loved every minute of it.

Bil Samwise enjoying the crap out of his Crown Burger.

Along with the Crown Burger, I ordered fries and a chocolate shake.

The fries were good: crispy and thick. Good for dipping and eating.

The shake tasted exactly like a fudgsicle. It was uber chocolatey and thick as a beaver pelt. I definitely got some spoon action up in thar. 

So next time your Provo Temple closes, come up to Salt Lake with the cool kids. Sit down for a sesh and enjoy Crown Burgers.

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