Guys, don’t hate me, but I love Guru’s

Whenever someone from the outside world comes to visit me, when it’s time for lunch, I ask, “What are you in the mood for? Mexican? Asian? Italian?” And no matter what they say, we go to Guru’s.

Of course, anyone who’s been to Guru’s knows that their food isn’t authentic. Your burrito won’t taste like there’s an abuelita cooking in the kitchen, but it WILL taste veryveryveryvery good. (However, I noticed that there are a lot of Mexicans that work back in the kitchen, so maybe that helps some.)

Guru’s is everything that Provo wants to be: hipster, but the kind that doesn’t lose their teeth or get AIDS. It finds a way to stand out from other experiences without being too out-there and crazy. In some ways, we are all gurus (which I think is why they call it that).

Guru’s says that it offers healthy food, but don’t let that fool you. The food is anything but bland, dry, or saltless. Flavorful pastas, mouth-watering wraps, defrickinlicious quesadillas. Dang. I don’t know how healthy the food is, but I do know it’s good all day, er’day.

Have you ever noticed how some Mormons look the same? Like, their facial features. Round, blue eyes. Front teeth that are just a teeny bit bigger than usual? The same balding pattern? The people who look like that probably have the same pioneer ancestor. Maybe I should start asking. I mean, I’d only have to ask who their great great great great grandparents were and then see if they’re all related to the same person. I think it might be a Scandinavian look.

I should stop writing in public places. I get distracted.

The best part of Guru’s is the fry sauce. Homeboy don’t know what goes into it, but it smacks of barbecue sauze, which, as we all learned yesterday, I LOVES me the barbecue sauze. Put that fry sauce on fries, put it on a wrap, put it on a sandwich, put it on your family — it makes anything better.

Guru’s sweet potato fries with their fry sauce. Good thing
looking at something is just as good as eating it. NOT.

So, just soes you know, y’all should eat at Guru’s and y’all should expect more posts from me about Guru’s.

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