I ran to Rancherito’s

I didn’t really. I just went there after floating down the Provo River with some friends (something that should be on everyone’s Provo bucket list, btw — butt don’t go until August otherwise the water will be butt-freezing cold). After two hours of sitting hunched in a heavy-duty tube as your friends try to push you into the water while you shout, “Stop it! I don’t want to get my sunglasses wet!” nothing can beat Mexican food.

Rancherito’s is in the snazzy part of Provo: right across from D.I. and surrounded by every impound lot in the city. There’s also some foliage. It’s open 24/7 so that you can meet your Mexican needs any time of day.

The decor at Rancherito’s is especially nice: bright colors, fancy metal wall hangings, and classy tile. If you’ve ever driven through a San Diego neighborhood in close proximity to both a Taco Bell and Catholic church, you’ll know what I’m talking about. ¡Holas, muchachos puedemos aprender tiene!

So before I start freaking out about how good the food is, I’ll describe other things to you. I’ll admit that before I came to Rancherito’s, I had yet to find a Mexican food place in Provo that made food up to Provo Food Blog’s Mexican Food Quality Standards (which we can acronymize as PFBMFQS). The places I had eaten at where too bland or had too much bang and not enough of that Mexicany zang; the food was Mexican’t, not Mexican.

When I ate at Rancherito’s, I finally realized all this. It’s like something had been missing in my life, but I didn’t realize until I found it. It’s like I had ended a journey I didn’t know I was on. It’s like I had filled a hole I didn’t know I had. It was like holding your own cat for the first time.

Now let me tell you why come the food is so good.

I ordered the Carne Asada Burrito. This little number is made of perfectly tender steak seasoned to zangy goodness, the perfect amount of pico de gallo, and GUACAMOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! It really is to die for, especially the guacamole part. They take them avocados, moosh up to the perfect texture, then put just the right amount of seasoning to enhance that delicious avocado taste. Man, I die, man. Dig a hole and bury me in 6 feet of mooshed avocado Rancherito goodness. Deeeeeeyuung.

Eating at Rancherito’s is an experience you’ll look back on again and again until you go there again. If you think there’s a better Mexican place in Provo, let me know. In the mean time, I want some guacamole.

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  1. I really enjoyed Diego's
    It's in between Smith's grocery store and University Ave. on… 300 N? I think.
    I'll take you when we get back to Provo in December. Their menu is kinda hit and miss, though.

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