Bear (BUTT?) Lake

JK. BUTT I did moon someone (aka my sister) over Snapchat last week. That’s what it’s for, right?

So my broth Stanley came to Utah (he NEVER comes to Utah) because his cool wife’s family was up in Cache Valley for a family reunion. WELL, since I live in Utah and my sister lives in Utah and my other sister always come to Utah for 4th of July week, we all decided it’d be cool to crash their reunion because he’s our brother and he’s way legit.

So we all drove up to Bear Lake (“Bear” not “Bare” lol) to play in the water and have a good family time.

Bear Lake is on the Utah-Idaho border, so I was expecting to be be horrible because
1) Idaho
2) I googled pictures and there were no trees
3) It’s WAY north = FREEZING water
4)  Family time  jkjkjkjkjkjkjk

We hopped in the car at 11-ish and got to Bear Lake at 2-ish, but the drive is pretty pritt (because Cache Valley is pretty pritt) so the three hours weren’t too bad. I just sat in the back of my sister’s minivan and read Harry Potter while my nephew told me how lame I am (but it’s okay because he’s SIX and I’m TWENTY-FIVE so I can handle it).

We stopped at a shake place by the lake (there’s about fifty, so just choose one) and got raspberry milkshakes because (apparently) raspberries are THE THING here. It was really good and I liked it. ~Mmmm. So creamy. Mmmmm.~

Random child crawled onto me begging for a milkshake.

After that, we headed to the north shore because that’s where brother said to go.


Yes, it WAS Idaho, but there were SOME trees (so it was pretty) and the water was WARM.

The water was crystal blue and SUPER shallow for about 100-feetish out, so it was SUPER warm. I could just sit and pee anywhere and no one would notice because the water was already warm. We literally just sat in the foot-deep water for four hours, throwing mud at each other and trying to move as little as possible. No children drowned because the water was so shallow AND nobody got sunburnt (too much) because we applied sunscreen every hour (SO IMPORTANT).

Me and the sibs having a good time.

It was a great time I would do it again if someone drove me (but it’d be nice to sit next to a nice six-year-old this time).

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  1. Fear Gordy,
    I am feeling ultra offended at your unfair treatment of the beautiful windswept bake in the summer, freeze in the winter, desert that is south east Idaho. Of couse after six years there we did move to Red Bluff…now we just bake.

    Anyways, while we lived in Idaho we did head south and visit Bear lake, and after checking out some maps and talking to some locals we discovered Bloomington lake, which is a gorgeous little mou,rain lake in the mountains above bear lake. We ended up spending most of our time there, and concluded that Bloomington lake is superior. Not lake superior. But a superior lake. If you ever repeat this trip you should check it out. And say hi to Meredith for me.
    Laurel ( Siemens) Schroeder

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