“Having Cats Gives You Superpowers” — Syfy Channel Original Movie Idea

So, with all the views my blog has been getting (I can’t tell you how many because I can’t conceive a number higher than 100, which is probably my bank account’s fault), I’ve been determined to maintain the integrity of the Gordy(Gordy)Blog. Just because people want to hear about cats doesn’t mean I’m gonna make the blog all about cats.

But this opportunity is just too golden and if they can turn some Twitter posts into a movie, then maybe this post can come to the (small) screen too. I think Syfy Channel would do a good job with it.

The IDEA of the movie is that having cats gives you superpowers (like, superhero powers come from cats) and that all those crazy cat ladies out there are really people the cats have selected to be superheroes.

The story:

So there’s this girl and she’s just a normal girl with a normal life and a boyfriend or whatever. But then one day her boyfriend leaves her and she’s WAY bummed about it.

But then this cat starts following her around and she’s not really a “cat person,” but she’s so lonely she lets it come home with her. The cat is smart and kind and becomes her best friend. Also, the more time the girl spends with the cat, she is able to think clearer (like, solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku better) and she realizes that hanging out with the cat makes her smarter. Like, it gives her super-intelligence.

Anyway, she’s living with this cat and it’s just whatever (aside from the super-intelligence stuff) until one day she comes home from work and her apartment’s FILLED with cats. And she says to the first cat (you HAVE TO put this in the movie), “I said you could live here, I didn’t say anything about your friends!” But she lets them stay.

So with more cats, she gets more powers (like, a superpower for every cat): agility, kung fu, laser vision, flying, etc/whatever. And one day she realizes, “Whoa, I’m a superhero,” and she goes out saving people and stuff.

So people think she’s just a weird cat lady, but she’s actually a superhero. She’s not Catwoman. Like, she doesn’t wear a suit with cat ears and stuff. She’s just a superhero who gets all her powers from cats.

I honestly don’t know if this is the same exact plot as “Catwoman” or whatever, but all these are my original thoughts and Syfy Channel makes AMAZING movies. Please make it. Please.

Here’s a video I put on YouTube a couple months ago. I made it at, like, 2 in the morning. There are some discrepancies between the story then and now but this is still important.

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